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aw gee I wonder who this is :iconlazeplz:

Will add info tomorrow or some shit lmfao
TA Dianna shadow by waazaa
TA Dianna shadow

so yeah I wanted to try drawing my dumb nerd's shadow, didn't exactly come out as I envisioned (for one I imagine it WAAAAAY bigger in comparison to Dianna) but eh w/e it still looks nice kinda. Fucking painting Dianna herself was hell though so I kinda bs'ed it :^)

did somebody say bISHOUJO NERD SENPAI- :iconskankyplz:



Name: Satou Katya

Nicknames: Kat 

Age: 18 

D.O.B: 3rd of January

School Year: 3rd

Gender: ladykind

Height: 5'11 180cm

Weight: 151lbs

Gang:  Wakarimasen

Rank: F

Yan: 000000000

Battling style: In shocking contrast to her extremely polite and timid persona, Katya is extremely aggressive and violent in combat. She is well versed in russian sambo taught to her by her father though she prefers mimicking her brother's boxing style. Her most deadly weapon is her jolt counter ( A high risk all or nothing counter punch that involves the fighter putting all of ones weight into a last second counter punch. Due to the fact is uses both fighters momentum the fighter who uses the jolt counter does't particularly have to be strong to deal serious damage. Video of jolt counter

Personality: Most people describe Katya as too nice for her damn good. She is disgustingly tolerable in most situations, this has led to anyone that's tried picking on her usually giving up in a huff and puff. Almost always smiling Katya gives off the generic "really nice and caring senpai" vibe. Though this is only a façade she puts on to avoid conflict, due to her past anger issues Katya had to learn very quickly how to keep herself in check, which resulted in a very passive and polite girl that most people can't stay mad at. Katya is a serious gamer at home and is what some would consider a soon-to-be neet. Though she usually keeps this a secret and pretends she has no idea about video games but when asked to play she suddenly pulls out her handheld, usually thrashing whoever challenged her following by putting on a clueless face and saying "Did I win?" At school she is almost always exhausted and sleeps through class very frequently. She's also the god of one nighters, pulling off miracle essays and test results much to her teachers dismay. 

. Most sweets
. Small bugs
. yuri
.Men too I guess
. inexpensive Jew's soundcloud music ( )

. Casuals
. League of Legends (refer to: casuals)
. fanfictions
. Loud noises
. unironically liking memes

Born from a russian father who came to Japan to escape his dept to the russian mafia and a Japanese mother who worked in the modelling industry. Katya should have lived a very comfy life along with her brother. This was not the case. Katya was the epitome of problem children. Getting into fights, being extremely rude and showing no respect to authority as well as just being a little shit in general. This went on for years and got her into serious trouble on many occasions 

If it weren't for her father's disciplinary efforts Katya would still be like this today. After many years of struggling Katya finally learnt how to keep her anger issues in check when in public. When she's home however, Katya lets out her suppressed anger and malice in the form of video games, this allowed her to act normally when needed and blow off steam when she could be left alone. This system worked perfectly for her, but that didn't mean she was happy about it. After being forced into the modelling industry by her mother the stress piled on even more. This resulted in her sleeping in class and even skipping. Her life had become a vicious cycle of stress and de-stress, no in-between. 

Video games and social networks were her only solace, she became obsessed to the point where it led to her getting virtually no sleep. She was one day approached by a girl in a hood who spotted her playing her handheld. After a bit of small talk they ended up playing together, they became so engrossed in their dumb game they forgot to go to their next lesson in fact. After this the hooded student told Katya about the Wakarimasen, describing it as a group of nerds that play video games and stuff. This sounded like eXACTLY what Katya needed as she didn't actually have any real friends and considered this to be a good chance to meet people who were the same as her. And thus began her story as a gang member.

. Her brother is a professional boxer and is a world ranker
. Katya works as a clothing model
. Katya doesn't really feel pain and is sometimes seen with BAD INJURIES while being completely oblivious to them
. Actually hates the colour pink but always wears her scarf because it's one of the few things her brother has ever bought for her.

. Ladybug keychain
. Smartphone
Dianna READ by waazaa
Dianna READ
Name: Dianna Kaiser
Currently is not a member of a team (if ya want this dork on yer squad hit me up)
Rank: Queen
B/T LVL: 190
Parts War Record:
32 official parts war wins. 6 losses though 4 of them were due to Dianna losing on purpose for money.
47 illegal/underground battle wins. 0 loses

A monstrous clash between the Gaia Road and Rising Road. This road uses powerful seismic vibrations along with small magnetic fields to completely dominate the battlefield on the ground. This road is unique due to how much power is required to produce the magnetic fields and in order to manage that power draw the AT's motors are generally slower than the ones of other riders. Due to this lack of speed Terra riders have to focus on slowing the enemy down or making their opponents come to them. Most tricks from this road involve making sharp, compact movements before lashing out with wild force, thanks to this the riders are harder to predict in close combat. This road is extremely dangerous and unhealthy for the riders due to the constant vibrations slowly causing permanent damage to the bone and muscle, this will almost always end the riders career crippled for life. The very few brave (or maybe foolish) riders who stride down this path will crumble away as fast as they rise to power.

Road Principles:
1. Using the piezoelectric effect, riders can paralyse opponents by numbing them.
2. Creating seismic waves to create a 'Sonar' that reveals information about the opponents.
3. Creating vibrations to levitate objects and induce seismic activity.
4. Generating magnetic forces to attract and push things away from the rider
5. Creating Electro Magnetic Pulses to disable opponents AT's

Regalia "Lorentz Heel"
TLDR; Basically the regalia has two states, one where the core isn't activated to save power and has heavy armour and the actually activated form where the armour comes FLYING off to reveal the REAL regalia.

The Terra regalia used by Dianna is extremely unique to her riding style, having two different states; the power saving, high defence "Full Armour Mode" and the activated regalia "burst Mode".

In Full Amour Mode Lorentz Heel shouldn't even be considered a regalia power wise. It's still easily comparable to a high-end custom AT but without the activated core it's pathetic in comparison to other regalia. It's so heavy and slow that it's only real strong point is the thick armour made from reinforced steel and carbon fibre and the exoskeleton properties that assist counterbalancing the ridiculous weight for basic movement. Bottom line is this big clunky set of treks hides a far more fearsome power within.

Once activated, the Burst Mode is a powerhouse that pushes even regalia standards to the limit. Abandoning the armour and exoskeleton for improved speed and mobility (it's still pretty mediocre compared to other kings in the speed department) Lorentz Heel Burst Mode can completely catch riders off guard with the sudden change of pace.
Not only that but with all the systems at max output the power of the Vibrations and Magnetic Fields skyrockets which makes this regalia's combat ability outstanding. But this regalia has one huge weakness.  It's sustainability, in burst mode due to the careless use of power it may be extremely powerful but is at constant risk of overloading or simply running out of energy. This makes burst mode a last resort that can only be used for short periods of time.

infinity atmosphere: Spirit of the Colossus
Only usable in Burst mode, the full power of the regalia core is exercised to created an extremely powerful magnetic force that allows the rider to "float" in the air. The power of this magnetic force also can attract and push extremely heavy objects and force them to float around the rider to create a near perfect balance between defensive and offensive capabilities.

Average Speed: 60kmph
Max Speed: 90 kmph (BURST MODE ONLY)

Trick list:
[Normal Tricks]
Gigant Leap - By first generating a positive magnetic field on the surface they are standing on, the rider then makes a second force that is identical to the one on their AT's wheels, forcing them away from the ground in a gigantic leap.
Wall crawl - Basically the opposite of the Gigant Leap, the rider magnetizes the surface beneath them and then makes the opposite magnetic force on the AT's wheels to attract them to that surface. This makes them stick to walls and ceilings with ease.

[offensive tricks]
Colosal magnum - After magnetizing an object, the rider then applies the magnetic pole force required to repel the object with enough power to send even small cars flying at their foes.
Dempsy Roll - The Dempsey Roll itself is a technique that relies on moving in the shape of a figure eight while attacking the opponent with hooks and uppercuts, thus allowing the user to attack from a blind side, and then switch to the other using the centrifugal force built up. As the speed increases with the number of rotations the user's power increases along with it. This is a technique that can only be used if the enemy is within punching range.
Jolt Kick - the rider sends a powerful jolt of electricity through the AT's heel directly into the opponent, this can temporarily shut off AT's and even Paralyse a rider if they get hit directly with it.

Burst mode only:
Gigant hammer - Using the powerful magnetic forces generated by the rider's infinity atmosphere, the rider can crush together enough debris to create a giant weapon that can be sent crashing down at the enemy.
Metal Tsunami - Using the same magnetic forces that the Giant Hammer uses, instead of crushing the debris together the rider sends countless small pieces of debris towards the opponent in what looks like a wave of metal.

[Defensive tricks]
Flash - the rider generates a powerful flash of electricity to temporarily blind the opponent.
iron wall - using magnetic attraction the rider creates a wall out of debris/the earth to defend against attacks.
Infinite Tremor - the rider creates a tremor in the ground. This can easily throw riders going at high speeds off balance and can even result in riders tripping and falling creating the perfect opportunity to strike for a slower rider.

Burst Mode Only:
Armour of the Colossus - Using the power of the infinity atmosphere the rider can create a 360 degree sphere of debris to shield them from incoming attacks.
EMP - The Rider creates a short range (like 10 metres) Electro Magnetic Pulse to temporarily disable all electronics in the area.

[Passive Skills]
Unbreakable Zeal : Basically Dianna's far too damn stubborn and due to this she can grit her teeth through some pretty serious pain so don't expect her to crumble in one hit, you'll have to pile on constant attacks to do anything substantial to her.
Eagle Eye: One of the few things she inherited from her Mother. Dianna has extremely good eyesight and almost superhuman reaction time. Compiling this with her extensive experience as a rider it will be extremely difficult to catch her off guard. This natural ability isn't as sharp as her Mother's though so it is possible if you attack her with a move she's never seen before to surprise her.
Dianna App by waazaa
Dianna App

Name: Dianna Kaiser

Rank: Queen 
Alias/Nicakname: Dee, "The Hammer"

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Birthday/Zodiac: Taurus 11th of May

Weight: 64kg (84kg with Regalia in full armor mode)

Height: 6 feet 

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Nationality: Of German descent


Currently No Tuner (hit me up if you wanna be Dee's Tuner pls :iconpapmingplz:

Currently No Team (hit me up for that as well if you want this dork on your team)
Road: Terra

Terra Regalia "Lorentz Heel Full Armor Mode" and it's activated state "Lorentz Heel Burst Mode" 


Dianna is a rather negative person and can be extremely rude towards people she doesn't like. Her sense of humour is rather sadistic and she will enjoy making fun of your shortcomings. She is no fool and will generally get the idea when someone's trying to manipulate her, though usually she cares so little she'll play along until it becomes unsavoury for her well-being. She hates people that achieve great things with little effort and contrastingly shows respect to people who work very hard at their craft. Dianna is a rather self destructive person (like her mother LMAO) and this is reflected in the way she treats herself. She tends to work herself to the bone and is almost always emotionally drained because of it. Though if you actually somehow turn out to be someone she likes you will earn yourself a very loyal friend who will treat you right. When she is actually well rested she can be considerably more lively and friendly though this is rather rare. Dianna is also not very experienced in the romance department as most people are too scared to talk to her so she can get very flustered when she is flirted with.

-Mecha anime and games (she's waaaaaaay too into the stuff lmao)
-Model Building
-Rum and Raisins Chocolate (only sweet she really likes)

-Wing Road riders
-Naturally gifted people
-Trap Music (it drives her insane)
-Smoking (she hates that she likes it so much)
-cute things

Being the daughter of two king level riders, Dianna is naturally a Storm Rider freak. From a very young age her twin brother Roy were riding along side their mother. Dianna looked up to her mother more than any human being on the planet and she aspired to be just like her from a very early age. Though sadly this wasn't to be, she quickly came the the realization that she had no talent for the Wing Road, or in Pix's words; "Had no wings." 
This crushed her self confidence and made her very envious of her Brother and Mother who both had these "wings". She developed an inferiority complex and this gave birth to a hatred towards wing road riders.

Her school life was the most unremarkable thing you could imagine, average grades across the board. This was because she didn't even bother applying herself. She was far to addicted to the lifestyle of a storm rider. And socially she never did very well, only making a few friends and keeping even less after graduating. Her brother Roy was the only one who really stuck with her throughout her life, he could see what living in the shadow of her mother was doing to her and he has always tried his best to look out for her even to this day, even if Dianna herself just wanted to be left alone. Life at the house was usually very quiet, Dianna rarely talked to either of her parents and generally just locked herself in her room. Sometimes she came back covered from head to toe in injuries and sometimes she came back drunk or stoned to the point where her father had to carry her to the bathroom to chuck her guts out. This really took it's toll on all of the family, but the one it hurt most was her mother. She tried desperately to sway her from this destructive lifestyle in fear she would become like her. But Dianna never listened, she didn't care, she wanted to feel what her mother felt as queen.

It was when she for the first time during her first illegal match that she discovered her terrifying capabilities. Her Road. With the power of the Terra road she shot up the ranks with little to no opposition, letting herself be hired by teams to be used for an easy victory and sometimes even letting herself lose to other riders for quick cash or favours, in all regards she was far from what a rider should be. She wandered aimlessly for many a year, no objective and no care. It wasn't until her mother sat her down and asked her to quit riding and find another path, knowing too well the dangers she faced. They argued for countless hours until her mother said something that struck a nerve. "You will never make it further as a rider." Knowing too well that the road she used would one day destroy her beloved daughter. This enraged Dee to the point where she left her home and vowed with burning eyes that she would become the Sky Queen. And now in present day she is only a few steps away from that title.
 A queen of her own road she commands both fear and respect from other riders due to her brutal and seemingly limitless determination. She will never stop until she is the strongest, wings or not. She will prove herself or die trying. 

Additional info: 
Earned her nickname "The Hammer" after crushing a riders legs during a title defence.
Works as a hairdresser and also sings from time to time at a local pub. Other than that she works many odd jobs and keeps herself rather busy.
Sup nerds I'm just here to let you guys know I'm coming back soon, still got some stuff on my plate before I start getting back into art but yeah. 

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